2018 Prices


Pasture raised and grain fed.

No hormones or antibiotics.


Chops $9.00/lb
Steaks $8.00/lb
Roasts $8.00/lb
Ribs $8.00/lb
Ground $8.00/lb
Bacon $10.50/lb
Ham/Ham Steaks $10.50/lb
Cured Hocks $9.00/lb
Breakfast Sausage $9.00/lb
Fat $1.00/lb
Heart, Liver, Kindey, Feet $5.00/lb

Order sides of pork for $7.50/lb, cut and wrapped, plus curing/sausage.


$10.50/lb for cured cuts


30lb assorted box $255 ($8.50/lb) for the fresh cuts


1 Ham or Pack of Ham Steaks

2 Roast

2 Breakfast Sausage

2 Pork Ribs

4 Ground

4 Steaks

4 Chops


Our poultry are Day Range, meaning they live in a moveable pen that offers clean ground as needed and yet protection from predators and the elements.

We try to obtain non-GMO feed as often as possible, but they are always grain fed and free of hormones and antibiotics.

Eggs: $5.00/dozen

Chicken: Whole Roasting Birds –  3 to 5lbs, $6.00/lb

Subject to Availability: Duck – Please call.


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