Welcome to Funky Acres Farm!

Our Favorite Saying at our farm is

‘Get your dinner here, some assembly required.’

We are the Cameron family, Eric, Jaime, Echo and Fallon.

Here at Funky Acres,

we are passionate about producing the highest quality, nutrient dense, clean food possible. For our young family, and our customers.

We are learning to grow a variety of vegetables to complement our Pork, Chicken and Eggs. And our berry orchard should start producing this summer.

We are excited to be able to offer roasting ducks for the first time this 2018 season. Still in small amounts, but we are hopeful that the demand will grow as people discover this excellent source of dark meat.

Our operation is horse powered, we do not own a tractor or a rototiller. All of the heavy work is done with the help of our beautiful horses, who lend us all the muscle power we need.

We use horses, not only because we love them. And enjoy the peace and quiet that is part of asking them to help us, verses firing up a big diesel engine.

We also have found that it is more economical on a small scale farm such as ours, because owning and keeping horses cost the same amount regardless of how much work they do or don’t do. Therefore, the more hours they are used, the cheaper our costs become.

Horses also provide a large amount of our fertility and they could be considered a renewable resource, since our mares can give us foals who will grow up to help on the farm as well.

We are not certified organic. Simply because we do not agree with the industry guidelines which allow ‘Natural’ fungicides, herbicides and pesticides at the producers discretion. There is also no emphasis on nutrient content, so much of the ‘organic’ food on the market is not much healthier than the standard commercial food.

We believe that if there is a problem in the garden. We have neglected some part of the ecosystem and there is a deficiency somewhere in the system which needs to be addressed.

For fertility we currently rely on outputs from our livestock to compost and use. But this year we will begin experimenting with various kinds of cover crops and green manures as well.

We invite you to join us on this journey to better food bringing better health and wellness.

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